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Delegating and Outsourcing

by Pam Nolan

Here are some of the common reasons that hold small business owners back from delegating:

It’s easier if I do it myself

It’s my business so I should do it

It would take way too long to explain it to somebody else 

I can’t afford it

But here is the only question you should be asking yourself:

Is doing this task a good use of my time??

If the answer is no, then delegate it.  

Did you know that most small business owners spend over 50% of their time in their business, which means doing daily tasks that need to be done, but are not growth drivers, does this sound like you?

Did you also know that most small business owners are the Head of Operations, Head of Purchasing, Head of Accounts, Head of Communications and their own Personal Assistant, does this sound like you?

Juggling all these hats can be fine at the start, but as your business grows this isn’t sustainable, this is the time that you need to either hire another member of staff or outsource to delegate those tasks.  

But unfortunately, delegation doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people so here are some tips on how to start the process successfully.  

How do I know What to Delegate/Outsource?

The simplest way to figure this out is to write a list & who doesn’t love a good list.  

This list includes all tasks that you are currently doing, group them into essential and non-essential tasks, then highlight the ones that you find tedious, the ones that do not directly grow your business and the ones that drain the life out of you when you have to do them.  

These are the ones you should be delegating.

This list is also a great way to identify tasks that you should never delegate/outsource, tasks that add the most value to your business. 

Pick the Right Person

Picking a person to delegate/outsource to can be so difficult, after all this is your business, your pride and joy, your baby.  

Try to stay clear of picking a person because you know them and they have some free time to help you out.  Pick a person who is an expert in the tasks you have decided to delegate.  When outsourcing look for reviews/recommendations.  

Once you have found the right person, he/she will become a trusted member of your team. 

Communication is Key!

Clear communication is key to any successful working relationship.  Never presume because you have explained it that a person has understood it.  

Set clear goals and targets so that everybody involved is on the same page.  Also, be clear about deadlines and build in check-in points.  Make sure lines of communication are always left open during the time the task is being completed.  

But while communication is super important make sure you never micro-managing these tasks – after all, if you do, you may as well be doing it yourself

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