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How to create a podcast strategy

by Pam Nolan

Want to understand how to create a podcast strategy? I know I know, the word strategy can make anything sound difficult.  But it’s not, if I change the word from strategy to PLAN, is that easier?  Because that is exactly what a strategy is.  You wouldn’t go on your holidays without a plan of what you need, where you are going, how you will get there, and what you will do while you are there…. Especially, if you have a family as it’s like a military operation to get going.  

Well, that plan you create without even thinking about it, is your STRATEGY – see!  Simple right?

So, what would a strategy consist of for your podcast?

Create a podcast strategy

Create a podcast strategy

Below I break down a basic strategy to help you create a podcast strategy to start on your podcast journey







And finally, WHAT IS SUCCESS 


What are you going to speak about on this amazing platform you are going to embark on?  What is your topic, what is your idea, what are you going to chat about with your wonderful audience?  

For this “what” section when you create a podcast strategy, you do not need to map out your content for each and every week, remember, this is before you start.  So simply think about your topic.  Think about your audience or “Ideal Listener” (I will get to that in the FOR WHO  section).  What do they want to hear?  Is this podcast simply a labour of love?  Is this podcast the top of your funnel for your business products/services?  These are the things you need to consider when you are thinking about your topic.  


Simply put this is how often you are going to release episodes, what is realistic to you and your life.  Remember, don’t let this podcast be a drain on your time or resources.  You should love your podcast, and if you are “trying to fit it in” each and every week, that is going to get old very bloody fast.  This is so important to work our before you create a podcast strategy. So, my advice is to think about how much time you realistically have and when you can commit to releasing an episode.  Most podcasters will release an episode every week, but you don’t have to be that way – you definitely don’t have to start that way.  You could decide that you can commit to 1 episode per month, that is fine, but whatever you start with make sure you consistently release those episodes.  


Are you going to host this podcast on your own or with a co-host?  If you are going to work with a co-host, make sure that this person is somebody that you have a rapport with, if you don’t this is going to come across over the airways.  I would also recommend that if you are going to have a co-host that you have a contract between you both, especially if this podcast is a business podcast and could be monetized in the future.  

With who also refers to guests.  Are you going/hoping to have guests in your episodes, if so, what guests, how often would you like to have them etc.  Again, with guests I would recommend having a system in place – this could be a welcome email that sets out exactly what they can expect and what is expected of them as far as promotion is concerned.  


Who is your IDEAL LISTENER?   This is the person who your podcast is aimed at, this is the person who your podcast solves a problem for.  You need to understand who this person is and why they need to listen to your podcast.  I like to give this person a name, and when I am thinking about content I have this person in my mind.  Always always always have a solution you provide for your ideal listener.  


Where will you be hosting your podcast?  Each and every podcast needs a host, this host acts like a middle ground to bring your podcast from your mic to the masses.  There are free hosts out there or there are hosts that cost a monthly subscription.  Understanding what you want to get out of your podcast is important before you decide on your host.  For instance, if you like stats then some hosts are better than others, others are easier to use, so if you are not that tech savvy that could suit you better.  Do your research and understand what is out there, and what suits your needs.  

There are quite a few hosts that you can consider: my recommendations would be,, or free option would be


How is all about how are you going to market your podcast and how are you going to use your podcast.  Marketing your podcast could be done via social media or through your existing email list.   Remember, your podcast is an amazing tool to engage with your audience in an authentic way, increasing your “know, like and trust” with them.  So, by marketing your podcast you will increase your organic reach.  Don’t miss out on this aspect of your strategy, this is super important.  


This is really important to your strategy, especially if this is part of your business.  We all need measurable goals, what can we check in with to see if it’s all working the way we want it.  So, making a note of what success looks like for your podcast is a must. 

It could be “I want X amount of downloads per month”, or “I want to generate leads for my business” (monetizing). 

Whatever this measure is – have it in your strategy and review this regularly.  

Below I have given an example of a fictional podcast so you can see a basic strategy in action.


My Topic is Swimming – I want to bring the benefits of swimming on the mind and the body to people, especially in the middle stage of a women’s life. 


I will release my podcast every 2 weeks.  This is manageable for me to commit to for the first 6 months of my podcast – I will review the release schedule at the end of the first 6 months 


Solo host – but I will interview guests whenever I can.  Guests will be swimming experts, swimming instructors.  Fitness experts.  People who know about menopause 


Middle-aged mothers who I want to understand the benefits of swimming for their mind and body and overall well-being and mental health.  I want them to see this amazing form of exercise is great for their joints, especially when we are heading for menopause and the problems that can cause to our bone density and joints.  


I am going to use Libsyn as my host – I am going to submit to all the major players – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, iHeartRadio


Market on Instagram and Facebook – Audiogram with every episode shared the day of release.  Show Notes included on my website with links to any resources.  Website link shared on my IG and FB feed.  Reshared on my IG and FB Stories.  Show Notes repurposed for my email list 


Growing follower numbers on IG and FB.  Drive awareness and build brand loyalty – drive engagement with my followers by asking for engagement in my CTA on episodes.  Review again after 6 months.

See, when you break it down it’s really not that complicated and I hope now the word Strategy doesn’t seem as scary.

So now I hope you understand how to create a podcast strategy.

If you have any questions on the above, please feel free to drop me an email or DM me on Instagram.

STRATEGY is a fancy word for coming up with a long-term PLAN

& putting it into ACTION

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