5 Steps to a More Productive Week

by Pam Nolan

Whether you are working in an office or as a freelancer working on a beach somewhere we can all have weeks that we struggle with productivity, this can be for so many reasons (a lot of which can be completely out of our control).  

Here are 5 simple steps that can help you get back on track and make you feel good because let’s face it, who doesn’t love being productive and ticking off those To-Do List items 

So here goes ……..

Sounds pretty simple right? But did you know that a lot of people actually head into their week without a clear understanding of everything that needs to be done first.  If we don’t take some time each week to take stock of the work that needs to be completed we will fall at the very first hurdle.

So the easiest way is to make an “Everything List”, this is exactly what it says on the tin a full list of everything that you need to complete that week Business and Personal.  I always head to my trusty old fashioned diary to jot these down as I like to see and feel what needs to be done, but you can do this on your phone, tablet or computer – whatever makes you comfortable.  The only thing you need to make sure of is that you have a complete list, be able to see in front of you what needs to be completed – ensure you also include a deadline for each of the list items and if you want to be really thorough then include the approximate amount of time each task will take.  

You have completed your “Everything List” well done you, step 1 complete. 

Now from your Everything List set your goals for that week (day by day), group them by importance – for me it would always be client tasks first, then tasks for my own (like writing this blog).  Break each goal down into smaller bite-sized chunks if needed. 

Also, a really important thing to remember is what part of the day you are most productive, for example, if you are on top form in the morning then put those large important tasks into that part of the day if possible and leave the smaller and maybe less important tasks to later in the day or if you are on fire in the afternoon’s or evenings plan your bigger tasks for then (again if possible).  But the beauty of Setting Your Goals this way is that you are putting a plan in place so you have visibility as to where you could encounter difficulties from the outset, so you can be proactive rather than reactive 

There is no point in making your pretty lists and setting all your wonderful goals for your week if you are not organised.  

Getting all those ducks swimming in the one direction simply means look at what needs to be accomplished, ensure you have all the tools you require or understand the resources you will need to get it done.  For example, if one of my tasks is to book some travel for a client then….  

And then from your list, you can make sure you are organised and understand the steps you need to take to complete each of your tasks.

Look at the tasks that you have to complete and ask yourself ……

Is my time well spent doing this task?

Does this task drive growth in my business?

Could this task be outsourced?

If you answer yes to these questions and if you are in a position in your business to outsource then do, its easier than you think and it will save you both time and money in the long run.  Outsourcing will free up time for you in your day and will make you even more productive.  

Click here to have a look at my Outsourcing Top Tips template 

A very wise woman recently pointed out to me that Multi-Tasking is a myth, and do you know what she is so right.  We are not multi taskers – we may do lots of things, but we are usually not doing any of those things to the best of our ability. So Stop! 

Concentrate on A task at A time, give each task your attention, that is why breaking down into smaller bite sized chunks can be helpful so you can achieve one section of a task and then move onto another quite easily or if you need to move to do something different once you have completed part of a task.  

So, that’s really it!  These are very simple steps but if they are followed then your weeks will soon become less daunting and you will have that wonderful feeling of achievement at the end of each day, and who doesn’t love that!!!!

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