The Basics of Podcasting: The Power of Podcasting for Business Coaches

by Pam Nolan


If you’ve clicked on this article, chances are, you’ve heard the buzz about podcasting. Maybe you’ve asked Google questions like, “are podcasts free?” or “why is podcasting important?” Don’t fret; we’re diving deep into the podcasting world, breaking it down to the basics, and having some fun along the way. By the end you will understand the power of podcasting for business coaches, and the basics of podcasting. 

So, tune in (see what I did there?)!

1. The 101: Are Podcasts Free?

The million-dollar (or should I say, zero-dollar) question. Yes, many podcasts are free to listen to. But when it comes to creating one, there might be minimal costs like hosting or equipment. But think of it this way: it’s less about the costs and more about the invaluable connection you make with your audience.

Introduction to Podcasting

2. How Podcasting Works: Simpler Than You Think

Ever told a story or shared advice over coffee? Podcasting is just that, minus the coffee (unless you’re sipping while recording, no judgments here). In basic terms:

a. Recording: Talk into a microphone. Share your wisdom.
b. Editing: Make it sound pretty.
c. Uploading: Put it on a podcast platform.
d. Sharing: Tell everyone!

You manage the message, or even better, let someone (like yours truly) handle the technical bits!

3. The Podcast Forecast: Where Podcasting is Headed

Podcasting isn’t just the flavor of the month; it’s the buffet of the decade. With growing numbers of listeners every year, it’s evolving into a primary source of information, entertainment, and connection. For business coaches, it’s a golden ticket to reach a global audience and establish authority.

Why podcasting will grow your business

4. The Power of Podcasting for a Business Coaches: Beyond the Mic

Podcasting isn’t just about talking; it’s about connecting. It’s a chance to reach your audience in a genuine, authentic way. When they hear your voice, they’re hearing your passion, expertise, and dedication. Plus, it offers flexibility. Got a 30-minute strategy? Share it! Got a 3-minute tip? That works too!

5. The Ultimate Tool: Why a Podcast Manager is Your Best Friend

Imagine focusing solely on your message while someone else manages the nitty-gritty of podcasting. That’s what a podcast manager (hello!) brings to the table. From ensuring optimal sound quality to maximizing your podcast’s reach, a manager makes sure your voice is not just heard, but truly resonates.


So, dear business coach, podcasting is not just another trend; it’s a revolution, and it’s time to hop on this audio train. And remember, while the basics are essential, having a right-hand person (or manager) can make the journey a whole lot smoother. Ready to amplify your impact? Let’s chat.

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