Would you love to simply "record & go"?

hiring me as your podcast manager will give you that freedom.

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Key Step Support Podcast Manager
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Whether you are an experienced podcaster or the idea is simply a glint in your eye

Podcasting takes time and technical know-how

With everything else that is on your plate, it is difficult to produce the quality needed to engage your audience.

Hiring me as an experienced Podcast Manager to support you and your podcast can allow you to love your podcast – and never worry about all the boring parts! 

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Did you know that producing a podcast can take up to 4 times the length of the audio

Record & go

Hiring an experienced Podcast Manager to support you can allow you to simply "record and go" without having to take care of all the time sucking producing.

focus on your content

Give yourself the headspace to focus on amazing content by hiring my services. I will allow you to forget about the tech behind your podcast.

enjoy free time

You love your podcast or you love the idea of having a podcast. Don't let it become a chore, another thing on your busy list. Hiring a Podcast Manager will mean that you will be able to simply love this amazing part of your business.

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Hi, I'm Pam

I want my clients to grow & thrive

After all, your success means my success

A podcast is an amazing addition to any business.  It is a unique way to engage authentically with your audience.  Entrepreneurs who are able to leverage the power of a podcast will see their business thrive and grow.

So whether you are an experienced podcaster or whether a podcast launch is on the horizon for you get in touch with me today and we can chat about how I can support you and your podcast. 

Exciting times!

Podcast Management

Launching, editing, posting, scheduling… all take up so much time, would you like to just record your episodes and have to worry about the rest. Contact me today to have a chat about getting support.

** Podcast packages starting from €899 per month

How to work with me

Schedule a call

Hop on a call with me and we can chat to see if we are a good fit for each other


make it official

We will agree on the support you need, I will send you proposal and you can choose your start date


Get back to your podcast

I don't need any training, I don't need any equipment. Simply send me your audio and we are good to.


Learn more on the blog

Don't love the tech or the time it takes to produce? No problem.

You deserve to love your podcast and spend your time creating amazing content

Hiring a experienced Podcast Manager ensures you get that high quality finish on every episode every time.  

no strings attached

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